Faith Grief

My Rainbow Promise on the Eve of Loss

Mercy and devastation don’t seem to be synonymous, do they? Mercy, meaning showing compassion, withholding punishment or harm. Devastation, meaning severe and overwhelming shock and grief. How is grief merciful? How do the two coexist? My dad and I were sitting in her hospital room on August 18th, 2017. All of her wires and monitors […]

Anxiety Faith Grief

Rhythms: Finding Relief from Anxiety

I haven’t written in a while. I haven’t journaled. I haven’t added to my book. I spent some time in the trenches. It’s okay to be there. Jesus was tempted in the desert, and I’m sure that time surely wasn’t peachy. I feel like this trench time has been pretty trial-ridden in its own way. […]


Picture Imperfect

I recently started writing a book. This book is my heart on paper, my grieving process in words. I spent countless hours writing with inspiration, writing like my life depended on it. I wrote close to 10,000 words in a matter of about a week and a half, probably. That’s three chapters of intentional words, […]